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Have the Inu Tokens Finally Found Their Leader in Powered Gaming?

The decentralized nature of the crypto sector gives room for several cryptocurrencies to thrive amongst their communities. The industry currently has thousands of cryptocurrencies in active trading, some of which…

OpenSea freezes $2.2M of stolen Bored Apes

Art gallery owner Todd Kramer had his valuable NFT collection stolen from his hot wallet yesterday, so OpenSea froze the stolen assets worth about $2.2 million.

DAO treasuries surged 40X in 2021: DeepDAO

DeepDAO ranks the Uniswap DAO, BitDAO and Lido Finance DAO as the top three in terms of treasury value at $2.9 billion, $2.4 billion and $602 million each.

Bitcoin has risen 7%–36% in the first week of January each year since 2018

Some analysts are expecting big things for Bitcoin shortly once institutional selling has subsided and capital gets deployed to the market.

Finance Redefined: Polygon fixes $24B bug, Hoskinson optimistic for Cardano in 2022, Dec. 24–31

This week’s Finance Redefined features the latest developments concerning Polygon, Interlay, Bent Finance and Grim Finance.

Eth2’s Rocket Pool reaches $350M TVL and 635 node operators in five weeks

“In the staking market, there was significant latent demand for a decentralized option — it just needed our launch to spark an inferno,” said Rocket Pool general manager Darren Langley.

Cross chain DeFi hub Umee raises $32M with Coinlist token sale

The Cosmos-inspired DeFi platform Umee set records for a Coinlist public sale with nearly one million unique applicants and 63,000 total contributors.

Fractal: 110K join Discord of Twitch founder’s new NFT gaming marketplace

After launching the Fractal NFT gaming marketplace, Twitch co-founder Justin Kan labeled NFTs as the “future of gaming.”

Bitcoin sees ‘non-stop’ end-of-year buying as 10K BTC leaves Coinbase in a single day

Coinbase users appear hungry for coins as a trading firm forecasts a “major flippening” in BTC ownership coming in January.

Shanghai includes metaverse in its development plan

Shanghai’s five-year plan calls for the use of a metaverse in public services, businesses, entertainment and industrial manufacturing.