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When students make the campus their home, they'll make the most of their college experience. Housing and Residential Life facilitates a comfortable residential community through which accommodations, activities, and experiences encourage students to progress toward becoming self-directed individuals. Housing Options. UNLV is proud to offer multiple options for living on campus that maximizes your college experience. Live with students of similar interests, be close to campus resources, and learn in a safe and supportive environment. Please be advised that while this information is provided to assist students, UNLV does not work with individual students/tenants on a one-on-one basis to place them in housing. We encourage students/tenants to do their own thorough research into each property in order to find the best housing option for their particular needs. Generally, once. Live The Degree has upscale student apartments for rent near University of Nevada - Las Vegas, UNLV. Reserve your apartment today!

Contact UNLV; University of Nevada, Las Vegas 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy. Las Vegas, NV 89154; Phone: 702-895-3011; Campus Notifications. University of Nevada Las Vegas Off-Campus Housing. Are you looking for student apartment near UNLV? If so Echo 1055 is a perfect choice. Luxury student accommodation a mile away from the UNLV. Learn more.

Residents in UNLV living-and-learning communities and special-interest housing generally maintain higher cumulative GPAs than both the general undergraduate population and other on-campus students not living in special-interest housing, and also report higher levels of.</plaintext></p> <p>Where you live matters! Specifically designed for upper classmen, Legacy LV is the next step in your on-campus housing experience. We offer apartment style living on the UNLV campus. An exclusive housing partner with UNLV, Legacy LV offers affordable housing options and a. Students currently residing on campus at UNLV are not required to pay the application fee. For all 2019-20 residents, a reservation fee of $325 is due by July 1, 2019, in order to guarantee your space, but will be fully applied as a credit toward your 2019-20 housing and dining costs at UNLV. Dining Plans. Check out University of Nevada-Las Vegas UNLV Housing classifieds in University of Nevada-Las Vegas, Las Vegas to find Golf Course Home - Room for Rent, Room for Rent, Torreyana, Ultra-Private Fully-Furnished All-Inclusive Rental House Close to UNLV Strip and Airport, YOLO! 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