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17.07.2018 · being one of the best tank in the game, some items makes him even more capable of harassing the enemies! beware of this mountain hero. but his size in ml universe is pretty small to be a mountain. 11.03.2019 · grock grockemblemsupport mlbb buildgrock setemblemgrock grockgameplay mobilelegends. 28.11.2019 · Jngan lupa like,komen,share dan subscribe MLBB Grockbarbar. 09.05.2018 · Jadi Ini Guys Penjelasan Gue kenapa Grock gue Pake emblem SUpport.Kalo Kurang Jelas Boleh tanya lagi waktu live THANK YOUUUU Support the stream: stre. 18.10.2019 · This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue.

Mobile Legends Grock Builds & Emblems. This build provides a lot of HP, physical defense and also plenty of HP regen and is highly recommended for beginners. mobile legends grock build. Burst Builds. This build provides a lot of spell vamp magic attack and also some defense and is recommended for double tank team. mobile legends grock build. Pro Builds Recommended Emblems. Support emblem. 03.12.2019 · Wazzup guys so ako po ulit si legendbeast. This Guide is Grock Support Guide yung isa kong ginawa is Fighter Grock. Start na po tayo sa emblems config and spell. For Emblem: Focusing Mark level 20 After dealing damage to an enemy hero, the damage dealt by allies on the enemy hero will be increased by 6% for 3s. This effect has a 6s cooldown. All team like the support and tank players, because people usually playing damageful heroes but the unfortunately sometimes the team has not a tank hero. You will be in charge there! Add your idea or suggestion for Grock Support the Team Build by commenting Grock Support-Tank Build. Firstly: Demons Advent. Demons Advent 920 HP 54 Armor 30 HP. 01.08.2018 · Emblem Grock Terbaik dan Cocok Sama seperti Spell atau Ability, pilihan Emblem untuk Jhonson juga beragam tergantung build Grock yang sobat pakai. Jika menggunakan build tank, maka emblem Tank tentu menjadi yang direkomendasikan demi membuat Grock.

Shortly Heavy Tank Items for Grock Mobile Legends Grock Heavy Tank Items Grock Battle Spell Sprint Mobile Legends Sprint. Immediately increases movement speed 42%. This effect slowly fades over 10s. Grock Emblem Set. Tank Emblem Set or Physical Emblem Set if your level is lower. Normally Grock is the Tank hero, but if your team have a very nice tank, and you wanna play Grock, yes you can try the Attacker-Fighter Grock! You should be careful because your not a durable anymore, you has a damage and attack speed – crit. You can add your suggestion item by commenting Grock Damage, Attacker-Fighter Build. Firstly: Windtalker.

31.12.2018 · Grock is one of the Meta - Heroes on MobileLegends when it comes to Team Fight Battle, Durability, Nuking and taking a lot of damage because of its passive which makes his teammates depends on him and Grock is the only tank hero who can deal a lot of damage despite of being a tank. 29.08.2018 · Grock guide Best Emblem Best Grock Build Gameplay tips Mobile legends Bang Bang Grock Mobile legends Bang Bang Still looking at the description ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°͡°. 12.02.2019 · I would pick lvl 30 support or assassin emblem over lvl 60 tank emblem for grock. Most important stats are mov. speed and penetration. If your other emblems are really low, then you may go with tank emblem with tenacity.


25.03.2019 · grock gw juga gk kalah sama grock nya top global mamank:v silakan klik tombol subscribe dan like untuk video lainnya terimakasih Youtube channel YTHT 02: ht. First use skill 2 and trap the enemy in your wall and then unleash ulti then finish off with your skill 2. Always roam with other hero and keep on ganking from early game. mobile legends grock is the most popular hero in Rank mode. but he always ban due to over power hero in game.

Best Emblem Set for Grock As the passive of Grock increases his defense by a lot, in my opinion you should aim to go with the Tank emblem to increase ulteriorly your defense and health point. Suggest Build for Grock by. GROCKThe most used tank for damage, mobility and being immune to CC crowd control So What kind of set he need?-Support emblem - with movement spd and hybri. Short guide for Grock,Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. Tank Emblem - gives you more defense, but sacrifices mobility, forcing you to buy the expensive rapid boots, makes you even more tanky late game and be able to protect your carry as he farms. Support Emblem - gives you mobility and regen, but sacrifices defense, which makes you a squishy tank, even with defensive items. So, which is better? Grock merupakan salah satu hero Mobile Legends yang memiliki pertahanan sangat kuat. Ia mampu menjadi tameng yang baik saat bertahan maupun melakukan serangan. Oleh sebab itu kamu membutuhkan build Grock terkuat agar membuatnya semakin powerfull. Dengan adanya Grock di tim kamu, ngga usah khawatir lagi siapa yang akan menjadi initiator atau.

Grock Heavy Tank Build 2019 - Mobile Legends.

So, here you are, trying to play Grock, without the proper max emblem and god forbid levels to even get Sprint. Don’t worry pal, I gotchu, I gotchu. If you don’t have a level 45 Support Emblem you probably can’t do all the fancy stuff above. I mean, you can do it, but at a subpar level. That means you’re going to have to adjust your.

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