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21.11.2011 · Hi all. I'm thinking of putting a turbo on an AMC straight 6 either a carb'd 258, but more likely a FI'd 4.0L, but don't know that much about turbos. I'm learning, but I have a question. Anyone know what turbo to look for, what it should come off of, what a good size is, etc.? I'm hoping to pick one up cheap to start, so if I can go with on. The 360 was AMC's unsung hero of power. In production for many years, they're an affordable foundation for a performance build. Our build comes loaded with valuable tech tips and money-saving shortcuts. It also comes with an impressive payoff in the horsepower department. AMC V8 Horse Power, Torque, Compression Ratio, Bore and Stroke by engine year.

12.09.2010 · So you gotta ask yourself."Do ya feel lucky, Punk? Well, do ya?" And "Do I have deep enough pockets [$$$] to turn a 304 into a turbo motor that's not gonna self-destruct?" Or better yet, "Could I achieve what I want, performance-wise, by going to more cubic inches [like a 360 or 401] WITHOUT the hairdryers. 17.03.2012 · NEW! 1968-1974 AMC V-8 Supercharger Kit; If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. amc 360 supercharger kit, amc 390 supercharger kit, amc 401 supercharger kit, amc v-8 supercharger kit, the supercharger store. View Tag Cloud. Posting Permissions You may.

24.12.2007 · yes you read right i am building a twin turbo 401 the block is.030 over right now, im getting the 0.35 over forged pistons from flatlanderracing, dont know what im doing for rods yet but im using stock iron heads with ss'amx valves, 7/16 stud mount crane roller rockers with girdles, comp springs, and i have ported them my self i have numbers. 27.03.2012 · Fits: 1968-74 290, 304, 343, 360, 390 and 401 Horsepower Gain Using 91 Octane Fuel: 30%@ 4-5PSI / 50% @8PSI 8PSI requires optional carb & water injection Supports Up To: 16psi & 800HP with pulley change, HP carb, HP water injection, HP fuel pump & built motor 4-5PSI Kit: $4,320.00shipping satin, manual steering. Includes all necessary.

10.05.2017 · Hello folks im new to this forum but i just picked up a 1968 amc ambassador sst 343 2 barrel, Im Going to be using a air to air intercooled single turbocharger setup on it with a blow through carb on 93 octane, does anyone know what The stock 343 low compression bottom end can take for power at 6500rpm Thanks! Hopping Up An AMC 360 V-8 - The Hunt For Power: Part 1 More Power For Our Classic Engine. See all 13 photos. Verne Simons Photographer, Writer. Nov 6, 2014. No one questions that the Pig Truck.

Remanufactured Long Block AMC 360 1972-1991-Remanufactured, NOT rebuilt. And yes there is a difference, a big difference. Unlike many of the products out there, S&J engines are not simply taken apart and rebuilt. They are painstakingly inspected. Find JEEP 5.9L/360 AMC V8 Summit Racing and get Free Shipping on Orders Over $99 at Summit Racing! SJ 1963-1991 United States Classifieds - Direct Seller Ad 1971 Jeep Wagoneer AMC 360 Turbo 400 Project For Sale by Owner in St. George, Utah.

14.09.2017 · Old thread but I'll add this for some arguin. The AMC cylinder head is way ahead of most anything built in the same era. Lots of Pro Stock heads were designed after them. The port configuration is really good. On the transmissions, they also used the Turbo 400 GM transmissions, too. A lot. AMC's engines were extremely well built and very reliable. AMC performance parts AMC engine parts AMC racing parts AMC transmission parts American Motors Corporation 304 360 390 401 AMC stroker engine parts on Sale. The '66-'91 AMC V8's generic engine weight is 540 lbs. The 360 cu in 5.9 L AMC V8 continued to be manufactured after Chrysler bought out American Motors in 1987, and was the only engine available in the Jeep Grand Wagoneer through the 1991 model year. AMC Rambler V8 10" Tall Deck 1956–1966 also known as AMC Gen1 V8.

09.02.2014 · I bought this cheap for my cj7. It fired straight up! The Novak Guide to the AMC / Jeep V8 Engines. AMC V8's have always been well-liked engines. AMC made a good automobile, and though they may not have enjoyed the mainstream sales and success of the "Big Three" automakers, their cars and engines remain cult classics of sorts today.

AMC I6 & V8 Engines to the Chevrolet & GM Hydramatic Transmissions. Widely considered to be the best automatic transmissions in the world, General Motors HydraMatics make for outstanding upgrades into Jeep powertrains. This adapter assembly brings the Jeep / AMC 232, 258, 304 & 360 engines together with Chevrolet style automatic transmissions. 14.02.2005 · This is taken from my posts on another board and may help some builders here, let me know if I left anything out. recipe for a 400hp 360 p.s. easy to do 360 bored over at least.030.060 if you dont mind block filler ported heads mostly behind the valves and enlarge teh ports to the intake and exhaust. headers.stock manifolds. 21.09.2016 · So, dollar spent should be on bolt on stuff. A turbo and NOS should get 450 HP on a stock built motor, with a nice mid range cam on pump gas. Building a stock 304 is too costly in HP return over grabbing a 360 and living with stock head setup. Stock 360 heads flow better by valve size, no machining needed. So how it all depends on how you want. Learn more about: The Supercharger Store 304-401 AMC Engines at. 20.09.2014 · Stock 360 unknown condition, never opened. Torker intake, 950 e85 blowthru carb, and 83mm turbo are the only mods. Torker intake, 950 e85 blowthru carb, and 83mm turbo are the only mods. 1975 Cherokee S - Turbo Hemi stick shift autocross/drag race/street 10.38 @ 132.6.

Welcome to dp9motorsports! I am selling my 1968 Javelin SST. This car was originally a 360 V8 car with a Four Speed on the floor. a previous owner spent a lot of money building a very dependable 401 engine that runs very well and. Home AMC Engine Specs Head Castings Engine Colors VIN Decoding Trim Interior Codes Paint Codes Window Stickers AMC History Links Forum Contact Why an AMC Finding my AMX Shipping my AMX Specs on my AMX Refurbish Work Parts Needed Parts Inventory.

18.09.2004 · I have asked about a 440 turbo setup for my Jeep. Now I have to analyze the costs and benefits. I have an AMC 360 already. Could I do a slight rebuild freshen up on it and then put a turbo on it easily?? Can anyone recommend cam sizing and turbo sizing for a 4400 lb Jeep for the street. I know I will probably blow it up but then I can buy the.King Bearing CR 818SI 010 für AMC / JEEP 290, 304, 360 16v Inhalt: 8 Paar Teile im Set Anzahl Paar oder Hälften Gehäuse Wandstärke maximal Breite maximal Flansch Breite maximal Flansch Höhe minimal Flansch Höhe maximal Wellengröße.The 360 V8 was also installed in the Bricklin SV-1 sports car for 1974 model year. The 360 was the last AMC V8 to be manufactured. It continued to be produced after Chrysler bought American Motors in 1987 as the standard engine in the Jeep Grand Wagoneer through 1991, with the only modification being the "360" casting replaced with "5.9L" on.Follow along as we complete the budget AMC 360 engine build for our 1967 AMC Rambler project car and dyno test several parts combinations for 480 horsepower - Car Craft Magazine.

Among off-roaders, AMC’s straight-six is definitely a longtime favorite. It’s compact, economical, and seems to live forever, no matter how much abuse it takes. It is so popular, in fact, that. The Block. The practical limit of the plebian AMC 401 is about 500 hp at 7,500 rpm.The main caps will begin to walk above that, so limit these engines tohealthy street mills if you want to keep.

AMC branded the Torqueflites as the Torque Command using the previous naming convention - both the A-727 and A-904 including the later 999 derivatives were used with the addition of the Aisin-Warner 4 AW4 used with the Jeep XJ series. Jeep vehicles throughout the 1970s used the GM Turbo Hydramatic 400 - the use of the GM transmission goes back to 1965 where Kaiser-Jeep installed the Buick. AMC Secuquick softline User Manual Eat better. Live better. The Premium cooking system10043693000101331301214. Meaning of the symbols Validity This user manual is applicable for the models Secuquick softline Mod. 4200 Ø 20 cm Secuquick softline Mod. 4200 Ø 24 cm Model details with pressure specifications engraved in the centre of the underlid: Nominal operating.

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